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Back To School Antiqued Cookies

21 Sep

Anyone that knows me knows that my husband is a teacher. Not only is he a teacher, he’s an elementary teacher. Not only is he an elementary teacher, but he’s a special education elementary teacher. Someone needs to go ahead and knight this guy, right? He’s amazing. I have so much respect for all teachers (especially public school teachers) who put their heart and soul into their students. My husband is one of those teachers, and I’m so proud of him. In that spirit, I decided recently that I needed to make him some special “back to school/thank you for being you” cookies to take to work to share with his colleagues.


I’ve been loving everything antiqued and distressed lately, and I wanted to make these cookies in that fashion. So once I got them iced, I went back with some painting techniques and made them distressed. I really enjoyed how they turned out, especially the chalkboards!


I’ve got a couple of tutorials lined up that I’ll be posting soon that shows you how I did the antiquing as well as how I did the chalkboards, and the globes. I hope to have those up soon.


These were so much fun to make, and I’m told that the only complaint was that there weren’t more of them to go around!


Happy Baking!

Monkey Cookies and #2 Cookies – Use A Cookie Cutter In A New Way {A Tutorial}

14 Sep

I just love little kid’s birthdays. Don’t you remember the pure and lovely joy that pours out of every pore of a child on their birthday? It’s all about the dessert, the games, the decorations, the presents, and yes, the family and friends that are ALL there to see you and celebrate you! Gosh, to be 6 years old again. I was recently asked to do some special cookies for a Kari’s son celebrating his 2nd birthday. His theme was “monkeys” and she went all out! I caught some of her pins on Pinterest as she prepared for the party and I’ll just say she put some serious effort into the festivities. I was excited to be a part of it!


If you want to make monkey cookies of your own, I have a couple of tips prepared for you here.

First, I’ll just tell you that of all the cookie cutters I own (I’m ashamed to say how many) I do not have a monkey shaped cookie cutter. So when I got Kari’s request, I needed to improvise.  While I didn’t have a monkey, I did have a balloon.


And I had a small circle.


I simply cut out the cookie  dough with the balloon cookie cutter, turned it upside down to make the balloon “tie” the monkey’s hair,  cut a circle out, then cut it in half, and placed it on either side of the balloon on my cookie sheet. Once baked, the finished product looks a bit like this:


As you can see from the above photo, I then proceeded to draw on the monkey’s face with a food writer (edible) marker. I sketched one of these out on the front of each cookie and then began icing.


I outlined and flooded the dark chocolate-brown icing first. I just followed the lines I had drawn previously. I let that dry for a few hours, and I then went back in and flooded the remaining portions with the flesh toned icing. If you have problems with your icing colors bleeding, you may want to let the brown dry overnight instead. I am, however, impatient. It’s my downfall. Ask anyone!


Once the base layer is done drying, go back in and add the monkey’s face and his little tuft of hair at the top. Voila! You can’t even tell that it used to be a balloon huh? Well, at least I hope you can’t!


Kari said the cookies were a hit at the party and everyone really enjoyed them. Now I just wonder who enjoyed it more… them eating them, or me making them!  These #2 cookies were a ton of fun to make as well and the dark brown icing on them is the same color as on the monkeys to help them coordinate with each other.



Happy Baking!

Puckering Lemons Cookies {A Tutorial}

24 Aug

Sometimes you want to just play around and create a cookie that serves no real “eventful” purpose other than to well, just be kind of awesome. I got a new lemon cookie cutter from Karen’s Cookies and wanted to play around with it and do something really adorbs. Here’s what came out…


Aren’t those the funnest little stinkin’ things? I had so much fun making these little guys, so here’s how:


Bake the lemon shaped cookie and then edge the border with 10 second icing in yellow. I use Electric Yellow by Americolor with just a hint of Electric Green. I also used a #3 Wilton tip.


Immediately flood the interior of the cookie with the same color and the same 10 second icing. I’m still using the #3 tip here. The photo above shows you what it looks like immediately following the flooding.  Notice how you can still see all of my lines from the icing as well as the gaps between the flooded center and the border.


Then you’ll want to give the cookie a little “shake” or “jostle” across your work surface to get the icing to smooth over. Then wait. And wait. And wait some more. Okay, maybe not that long, but you’ll want to let the yellow set pretty well so that your black face doesn’t bleed onto it. I let mine rest about 4-5 hours, and then I piped the yellow border. You could have let the cookie set before flooding to get a border, but I wanted mine to have an extra layered “3-D effect” so I waited and added it on later.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the process of drawing on the faces, but I used Americolor black, and made it about a 15 second consistency. Draw on your eyes first, then eyebrows, then mouth. Then go back in and put your yellow dots for the lemon texture in the corners. I just made these random. Remember, odd numbers are more appealing to the eye.


Voila! Fun little Puckering Lemon Cookies.


If you want to get this lemon cookie cutter, you can buy it from Karen’s Cookies here.

Happy Baking!

Baptism Cookies

18 Aug

As you can tell by these colorful cookies, Leiloni is 8 and in her church, it’s the age for baptism. Can you guess what her favorite colors are?


Why hot pink and yellow of course.


I really loved how these turned out, with the 8 in the center and the rest of the words around the border. In case you can’t make it out in the photo, they say “Leiloni’s Baptism November 24 2012”. When I got this request, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to manage to fit all of that on a cookie. The key to making a lot of text fit on a small cookie surface is to use a thicker royal icing. This icing is 20 second icing, while the body of the cookie is done in 10 second icing.


Leiloni and her family enjoyed the cookies, and I hope you enjoy the post!

Happy Baking!

Thank You Cookies

11 Aug

My husband and I recently moved to a new home. Needless to say, it was quite the ordeal that ended with us still moving at 1am the following day. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life, and my husband, amazing as he is, worked twice as hard as I did. He even did the last load by himself. Color me lucky. What made us both feel even MORE lucky, was to have an amazing “welcome to the neighborhood” feeling from everyone in our new cul-de-sack. We borrowed tools, moving supplies, were invited to a fourth of July party, AND given a bottle of champagne. Talk about amazing. So, needless to say, I needed to say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.


So I whipped up a batch of these bad boys.


I have an order for a few hundred cookies for a wedding coming up, and can you guess the wedding colors? Yep! Peacock purple and pale green/yellow. I thought this would be the perfect time to try out some icing color combinations and get it just right.






They were fun to make! Not that any batch isn’t. I plan on doing some more “thank you” variations in the future. Something tells me i’ll have plenty of reasons to make them!


Summertime Beach Balls

12 May


Beach Ball Cookies are fun and just in time for summer. It’s supposed to finally be warm and sunny here in the coming weeks and so these are just what the doctor ordered.


These could be great in so many different colors!


I hope to have a post soon with a tutorial. Enjoy your summer!

A Polka Dot Affair Part 2

27 Jul

I seem to have taken an unusually long break between Polka Dot Affair Part 1 and Polka Dot Affair Part 2, but at any rate, here is the second half. For the same event, I was able to make polka dot #1 cookies for a first birthday party as well as a matching polka dot birthday cake for the little guy.

These cookies were a lot of fun because I used fondant icing instead of my traditional royal icing. Fondant is a beast in itself, but once you get the hang of handling it, you can run with it.

I rolled the fondant out flat, then lifted it and laid it over the cookie and then used the same #1 cookie cutter that I used to create the cookie to cut out the #1 shape on top of the cookie. Don’t worry about it being too large, the cookie expands a bit when it’s baking so there will be enough of an “edge” around the fondant.  

The cake was a lot of fun too. It was a bit different to work with because this particular cake is gluten-free (for the allergy of the little guy) but turned out pretty great. I think his mom ended up eating more of the cake than the birthday boy!

Peek-A-Boo Rainbow Shamrock Cookies {A Tutorial}

14 Mar

Do you ever have one of those ideas that seems so perfect in your head? You get it all laid out in your mind and you think, “Voila! That’s it! Perfection.” Maybe you do, but then again, maybe it’s just me. Anyway, this tutorial was one of those ideas that later didn’t turn out at ALL how I had imagined it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to make these cookies twice! It was just one of those days… icings weren’t flooding right, colors weren’t looking right, and shapes just looked… wonky. (It’s a word, I promise!) I was trying to come up with something like these!


To complete these cookies you will need:
• A square cookie cutter
• A shamrock cookie cutter (smaller than the square)
• 10 second icing in: Blue, Green, Yelllow, Orange, and Red
• #2, icing tips (one for each color, or you can keep washing it out)
• white non-pareils

The first step is always to cut out your dough. Roll out your cookie dough on a flowered surface and then use a square cookie cutter. Now here’s a trick I figured out through the process: Place the cut out square on your cookie sheet and then proceed to the following step. It makes the transfer much easier and you run less of a risk of warping the shape of the cookie. Once you’ve done that, you’ll use another cookie cutter in the shape of a shamrock and lay it on top of the square cookie. Eyeball it to make sure it’s pretty center. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Bake your cookies and they should look something like this:


Next is time for the stripes. I just eyeballed by distance between the stripes, but you can always use a food writer marker to make hash marks on the cookie to properly space your stripes so that they end up straight and even and not…well…wonky! Make your stripes. Alternate your icing colors so that they aren’t touching. I.E. do blue, space, yellow, space, and red. Then let it sit for oh… a while (which is code for ½ an hour). The longer you wait the less chance you have of the colors bleeding, which is a good thing. Make a metal note: Green is a pretty common culprit of something as terrible as bleeding into poor little yellow.


Then go back in and fill in your remaining colors.


There you have it! You’re done with the Peek-A-Boo Shamrock Rainbows!


Now, if you are an overachiever (or just crazy like me), you would have gone ahead and baked the shamrock shaped “negative” space from your cookie dough. I then made little shamrocks decorated with white nonpareils just for fun.



I hope you enjoyed the tutorial- Enjoy your St Patrick’s Day!

Oh, and Happy Baking!

Shamrock Cookies

18 Feb

Now that we’ve made it through Valentine’s Day, guess what? You guessed it! It’s time to gear up for the next holiday, St Patrick’s Day. First, let me just say, I really love classy cookies. Simple, yet beautiful. I wanted to create something sort of like that (or as classy as I can be) for St. Patty’s day. Here is what I came up with….

Fun huh? Maybe it’s classy, maybe it’s not, but I had a lot of fun making them and they were actually amazingly simple to do.

To create these little guys, I used my “dogwood” flower cutter from my Wilton flower making kit. They are basically four-leaf clovers without the stem. Since I wanted to create my own unique stem style anyway, it was really what I was looking for. You could also create a stencil, or use a clover cookie cutter.

I just flooded the cookie in white, waited for it to try a few hours, traced the dogwood with a food writer marker, and then piped my own little curly designs inside. 

Afterwards I just piped some green dots around the edge and voila!

Happy soon to be St. Patrick’s Day!

Valentine’s Cookie Bouquet

11 Feb

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and so to commemorate the occasion, I had to create some special Valentine’s day treats! I’ve been wanting to do a Valentine’s cookie bouquet for quite some time and just haven’t been able to find the time. While I didn’t get this one done in time to create a flyer for Valentine’s Day present ideas, I still thought it turned out quite well and will be more than ready for next year!

A combination of X’s and O’s and hearts seemed the perfect match to me. 

This will be the perfect thing for me to add to my display as the the business of the month at the bank this month!

For some reason I always struggle with creative ideas for how to decorate XOXO cookies. There must be some subliminal mind block against hugs and kisses in my brain… Nah… that’s not it! Anyway, I went with the outlining approach. I’ll try to branch out more next time!

The heart cookies were the most fun because I got to experiment with a new technique that I learned from Sweet Sugar Belle! Adding lace to the cookies was as easy as she described it to be and I really enjoyed it. I’ll most definitely be using this technique on future projects!

I really enjoyed making these. I hope you enjoyed checking them out!