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Baptism Cookies

18 Aug

As you can tell by these colorful cookies, Leiloni is 8 and in her church, it’s the age for baptism. Can you guess what her favorite colors are?


Why hot pink and yellow of course.


I really loved how these turned out, with the 8 in the center and the rest of the words around the border. In case you can’t make it out in the photo, they say “Leiloni’s Baptism November 24 2012”. When I got this request, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to manage to fit all of that on a cookie. The key to making a lot of text fit on a small cookie surface is to use a thicker royal icing. This icing is 20 second icing, while the body of the cookie is done in 10 second icing.


Leiloni and her family enjoyed the cookies, and I hope you enjoy the post!

Happy Baking!