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Monkey Cookies and #2 Cookies – Use A Cookie Cutter In A New Way {A Tutorial}

14 Sep

I just love little kid’s birthdays. Don’t you remember the pure and lovely joy that pours out of every pore of a child on their birthday? It’s all about the dessert, the games, the decorations, the presents, and yes, the family and friends that are ALL there to see you and celebrate you! Gosh, to be 6 years old again. I was recently asked to do some special cookies for a Kari’s son celebrating his 2nd birthday. His theme was “monkeys” and she went all out! I caught some of her pins on Pinterest as she prepared for the party and I’ll just say she put some serious effort into the festivities. I was excited to be a part of it!


If you want to make monkey cookies of your own, I have a couple of tips prepared for you here.

First, I’ll just tell you that of all the cookie cutters I own (I’m ashamed to say how many) I do not have a monkey shaped cookie cutter. So when I got Kari’s request, I needed to improvise.  While I didn’t have a monkey, I did have a balloon.


And I had a small circle.


I simply cut out the cookie  dough with the balloon cookie cutter, turned it upside down to make the balloon “tie” the monkey’s hair,  cut a circle out, then cut it in half, and placed it on either side of the balloon on my cookie sheet. Once baked, the finished product looks a bit like this:


As you can see from the above photo, I then proceeded to draw on the monkey’s face with a food writer (edible) marker. I sketched one of these out on the front of each cookie and then began icing.


I outlined and flooded the dark chocolate-brown icing first. I just followed the lines I had drawn previously. I let that dry for a few hours, and I then went back in and flooded the remaining portions with the flesh toned icing. If you have problems with your icing colors bleeding, you may want to let the brown dry overnight instead. I am, however, impatient. It’s my downfall. Ask anyone!


Once the base layer is done drying, go back in and add the monkey’s face and his little tuft of hair at the top. Voila! You can’t even tell that it used to be a balloon huh? Well, at least I hope you can’t!


Kari said the cookies were a hit at the party and everyone really enjoyed them. Now I just wonder who enjoyed it more… them eating them, or me making them!  These #2 cookies were a ton of fun to make as well and the dark brown icing on them is the same color as on the monkeys to help them coordinate with each other.



Happy Baking!