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Going Floral

7 Sep

Okay, so i know it’s not spring time or anything, but I couldn’t help but play around with my gum paste and make some lovely little flowers to adorn some of my mini cupcake creations.  Enjoy!

From a Dr Suess Book

7 Sep

Recently, my office held a massive fundraiser for the MS bike ride coming up on September 17th. My contribution was to sell a bunch of my mini cupcakes and donate 1/2 of my proceeds to the cause. I chose my mini Cookie Delight cupcakes as well as my mini Strawberry Lemonade. They were a huge hit.

I loved how the mini Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes turned out too. Once I got them all finished and photographed them, they looked like little Dr Suess mountains from one of his stories! See for yourself…