A Polka Dot Affair Part 2

27 Jul

I seem to have taken an unusually long break between Polka Dot Affair Part 1 and Polka Dot Affair Part 2, but at any rate, here is the second half. For the same event, I was able to make polka dot #1 cookies for a first birthday party as well as a matching polka dot birthday cake for the little guy.

These cookies were a lot of fun because I used fondant icing instead of my traditional royal icing. Fondant is a beast in itself, but once you get the hang of handling it, you can run with it.

I rolled the fondant out flat, then lifted it and laid it over the cookie and then used the same #1 cookie cutter that I used to create the cookie to cut out the #1 shape on top of the cookie. Don’t worry about it being too large, the cookie expands a bit when it’s baking so there will be enough of an “edge” around the fondant.  

The cake was a lot of fun too. It was a bit different to work with because this particular cake is gluten-free (for the allergy of the little guy) but turned out pretty great. I think his mom ended up eating more of the cake than the birthday boy!


One Response to “A Polka Dot Affair Part 2”

  1. mydearbakes August 4, 2012 at 3:32 am #

    Loved this post! You made very very amazing bakes! =)

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