Spring Bird Cookies {A Tutorial}

26 Feb

I love spring. Like, REALLY love it. There is something about finally being able to open the doors and windows and take a deep breath without it stinging my lungs that I just adore. The smell of rain, fresh cut grass, budding flowers, and birds chirping. Oh, and speaking of birds chirping and flowers blooming, I have some fun cookies to share, along with how I made them!

To start out, you’ll need to bake up a few round sugar cookies of your choice. Let cool and then get to it!

Outline the cookie in teal royal icing. For these cookies, I used Wilton food coloring found here. After outlining, flood with 10 second icing.

Give the cookie a quick shake back and forth across the table to get the icing to smooth out. Then let it set aside to dry completely for oh… 8 hours or more. I usually let mine sit until the next day because the next step is going to be applying pressure with the food writer and stencil.

I created a stencil out of card stock paper, but you can use whatever works for you. If you have a paisley cookie cutter it may work just fine too. Trace around the stencil with a red food writer.

After outlining with the food writer, use your red royal icing to outline and flood the bird’s body shape.

Once you’ve let the red dry for a while (probably only an hour this time around) you can use a toothpick or a #1 tip to apply the black royal icing for the birds eyes.

Using the same method, apply a small triangle with yellow royal icing immediately after you apply the black eyes.

I used the same toothpick that I used for the eyeballs to add little feet to the bottom of each bird.

Add a little swirl to the red part of the bird to give him the appearance of a wing.  I used ribbon roses glued down with a drop of the red royal icing. There is a great ribbon rose tutorial by Sweet Sugar Belle here, but I prefer to make mine out of rolled buttercream fondant. I then use leaf tip #67 to add three dollops of green icing for leaves.

Finally, I ran a line of red dots around the outside edge of the cookies to finish it off!

Welcome soon to be Spring! I’m SO glad you are here!


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