Shamrock Cookies

18 Feb

Now that we’ve made it through Valentine’s Day, guess what? You guessed it! It’s time to gear up for the next holiday, St Patrick’s Day. First, let me just say, I really love classy cookies. Simple, yet beautiful. I wanted to create something sort of like that (or as classy as I can be) for St. Patty’s day. Here is what I came up with….

Fun huh? Maybe it’s classy, maybe it’s not, but I had a lot of fun making them and they were actually amazingly simple to do.

To create these little guys, I used my “dogwood” flower cutter from my Wilton flower making kit. They are basically four-leaf clovers without the stem. Since I wanted to create my own unique stem style anyway, it was really what I was looking for. You could also create a stencil, or use a clover cookie cutter.

I just flooded the cookie in white, waited for it to try a few hours, traced the dogwood with a food writer marker, and then piped my own little curly designs inside. 

Afterwards I just piped some green dots around the edge and voila!

Happy soon to be St. Patrick’s Day!


2 Responses to “Shamrock Cookies”

  1. lilaloa February 25, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

    Wow. I REALLY like these!! Such a great design!


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