Valentine’s Cookie Bouquet

11 Feb

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and so to commemorate the occasion, I had to create some special Valentine’s day treats! I’ve been wanting to do a Valentine’s cookie bouquet for quite some time and just haven’t been able to find the time. While I didn’t get this one done in time to create a flyer for Valentine’s Day present ideas, I still thought it turned out quite well and will be more than ready for next year!

A combination of X’s and O’s and hearts seemed the perfect match to me. 

This will be the perfect thing for me to add to my display as the the business of the month at the bank this month!

For some reason I always struggle with creative ideas for how to decorate XOXO cookies. There must be some subliminal mind block against hugs and kisses in my brain… Nah… that’s not it! Anyway, I went with the outlining approach. I’ll try to branch out more next time!

The heart cookies were the most fun because I got to experiment with a new technique that I learned from Sweet Sugar Belle! Adding lace to the cookies was as easy as she described it to be and I really enjoyed it. I’ll most definitely be using this technique on future projects!

I really enjoyed making these. I hope you enjoyed checking them out!


One Response to “Valentine’s Cookie Bouquet”

  1. royalcookie February 16, 2012 at 1:37 am #

    These are gorgeous! Hope someone special got to gobble them up 🙂 Your lace looks great!

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