Halloween Cookies

30 Oct

Well, it’s better late than never to post Halloween cookies. Almost late that is.  I made these last week actually to practice a new lettering technique i’ve been envisioning. I love the way they turned out and had a blast making them.

Halloween cookies are a blast because there are so many possibilities. But these were really fun. I spelled out anything I thought of that reminded me of Halloween.

First, I of course baked the cookies in the pumpkin shape of my choice, and then outlined and flooded them with my favorite shade of orange. Let those sit for 24 hours and then I used my edible marker to hand write the word I wanted on that cookie. A stencil didn’t seem completely practical here because of all the small detail work, like in the word halloween. I’m sure a projector would come in handy here!

After handwriting the word in edible marker, I just piped over the top of those lines with a #2 piping tip. It was surprisingly easy to do.

As with every single treat I make, I had a blast with these and can’t wait to try them with other shapes and themes. Thanksgiving and christmas are coming up quick… what can I come up with? Hmmm….

Happy Halloween!!!!


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