Polka Dot Number “1” Cookies

28 Oct

Turning one is a very special event in my book. Afterall, it marks your first successful completion of many eventful things in your life. I mean… being born for one. Although I don’t remember the experience persay, I would be willing to put money on the fact that it was eventful for me at the time. So many exciting and wonderful things happen within your first year of life, why not celebrate its completion with a bang?

When Tiffany asked me to make some sugar cookies for her daughter’s birthday party, I was really excited for multiple reasons. One, because it was an excuse to make cookies (duh!), and two, because I got to make a new cookie cutter! I’ve made quite a few at this point, but any new fun and challenging shapes are welcome. So doing a “number one” shaped cutter was certainly going to be fun.

In case your not picturing the cookie cutter i’m talking about, here’s an example:

It’s nothing special, but if you’ve ever made cookie cutters, you know they can be a bit tricky, and bending the shapes can get time consuming. This one however, turns out, was quite easy. I was really pleased.  Anyway… I digress. you want to see the cookies right?

Tada! The birthday party was purple and orange, and lime green if you can’t tell. So Tiffany just wanted one shaped cookies with those colors mixed in in a polka dot theme, which happens to be my favorite design, so I was naturally happy to oblige.

(Sorry for the fuzziness on this one… I’m still working on my photo taking and editing skills)

Well anyway, they were a lot of dun to make and I enjoyed myself quite a bit.

Thanks for the order Tiffany!


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