Checkerboard Rose Cake

30 Sep

Okay, now THIS was a fun project. Seriously. And I can’t take all the credit either. The idea came from an episode of Cake Boss that my brother saw and asked me to make one. How could I object to that? Anything Cake Boss can do I can do right?  Riiiight…. Well it turns out this time, I actually could.

Now, I know you’re thinking, awe that’s cute. But wait… there is much MUCH more. The outside of this cake is actually nothing like the Cake Boss cake, I just made this decor up. I had been wanting to try the buttercream rose technique for quite a while and just used this as my excuse.  So the outside is a checkerboard, but…

It’s a checkerboard on the inside too! Now THAT is cool. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. But I think it’s cool and I made it, so yeah. Need a better look? Why sure…

How fun is THAT? Here’s another shot.

This cake was actually really easy to make and I took pictures of it through the process to maybe someday attempt to do my first tutorial, but for now, you just get the finished product. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and it was so much fun that I made two, and Ryan’s work (my husband) got to enjoy a checkerboard cake of their own!


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