Bylina Anniversary Cake

20 Sep

It’s a true testament to how “blog-ddicted” (that’s blog addicted, and yes it’s a word. Look it up. But only in the special dictionary I hand wrote it in at my house) i’ve become by the fact that it’s only been a little over a week since i’ve posted and i’ve felt deprived and like i’ve been neglecting my blog. But the good news is that i’ve got a new project to share!

I was honored to be asked to do an anniversary cake for my dear friend and ex-boss Ed Bylina. He and Genie have been married 18 years now and they wanted to celebrate in a very special way! What better way than cake? Well there isn’t one of course…

Genie wanted a cake that was chocolate with some chocolate. Oh and add in some more chocolate. You get my drift. So I went with a devil’s food cake (my favorite chocolate cake recipe) with fudge filling, dirty iced in chocolate buttercream, and covered in chocolate fondant. Can it get any more chocolate than that???

The gumpaste flowers were almost as much fun as the piping. I wanted to do something three dimensional and classy, so the ivory flowers seemed like a great fit. Once I got them done I figured why not paint them with red accent? So…. that’s what I did. I personally think it turned out great with red tips.

So… needless to say i’m really pumped to do my next cake, just waiting for that exciting event to come up! 


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