Flower Cookies

10 Sep

Okay, now I really must be convinced it’s spring because i’m on a flower kick! I couldn’t help myself but make some fun and fresh mini flower cookies this week. Judge me if you want, after all, it is september and I’ll be posting halloween cookies before you know it, but this was fun for me, so there. 🙂

I had originally wanted to ice these with hot pink and lime green icing, but as I started mixing, it just turned out orange and blue. Does that ever happen to you? Well, it does to me. Things hardly ever turn out as I plan, but most of the time (key word is most) it all still turns out juuuuust fine.

I decided to mix it up a little and do some of the flowers with a polka dot border and some without. I’m not sure which ones I like better.  Then when I ran out of orange icing, I just iced some in blue. It was a happy little mistake, I love those too!

I just love fun and fresh icing colors that turn your mouth all kinds of colors! (just kidding) (but seriously…)


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